Looks like the ghost called in some of its mafia friends!

Darwin’s Dungeon is an Android based roguelike game designed and built for my final year Computer Science project. It features randomly generated dungeons and monsters which give for a unique playthrough each time.

The game also takes inspiration from genetic algorithms and Darwinian themes. Each monster in the game is stored into a genetic pool, when one of these monsters is chosen to spawn it has a chance of mutating/evolving and if the game deemed this an improvement, the improved version of the monster enters back into the pool. There is also a chance for monsters who did not perform so well to be entered back into the pool, the ratio is based on the difficulty setting chosen at the beginning of the game.

While the game ticked all the boxes for my university project, it failed to live up to the expectations I had for it, this is why I have not released the game for download. I learnt a lot about game development during this project and feel that to get the project to where I would like it, I would need to rebuild the project from the ground up. This is where Project 9-Volt comes in, 9-Volt is a re-imaging of Darwin’s Dungeon.