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Today I spent the majority of my evening looking up how I can improve the SEO of Tumblr. Long story short, you can’t do a huge amount without going into the HTML.

There are some themes out there which help improve your Tumblr SEO by generating relative meta tags for each post and assigning your relative author link to posts. The only issue I found with these themes was that I couldn’t find one that I liked the look of. I found this handy guide which suggested some improvements. I’ve edited the code now and shall report back in about a week to see if it has improved anything.

One thing that a lot of people suggest to do is submit a sitemap to Google, this is something I’ve always done with my website in the past but had to use an external website to generate for me (the task of doing it yourself is to laborious). It turns out that Tumblr generates it’s own sitemap, problem solved! You can find it at This default sitemap should have links to others (sitemap1.xml, sitemap2.xml etc) which will contain all your posts!

In the meantime I’ve changed theme yet again, hopefully this one will stick…once I change the colours from the default setting…

One week on:
If you can’t tell I’m using WordPress for my blog again. Switching to Tumblr was a disastrous move form my sites rankings on Google. Before I switched to Tumblr I had at least half the front page when you searched for the term ‘Josh Jordan’. Now I’m not on the front page at all. So yeah, Tumblr SEO = not good!

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