Project 9-Volt: Game Development

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Project 9-Volt is the game development project that I’ve been working on for the last few weeks. If you didn’t already know, I love lighting in games. I wanted to put together some mechanics for a game that would use lighting as it’s core mechanic. The Project 9-Volt video in this post aims to show off some… Read more »

Dissertation: Projectile Implementation

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Projectile implementation took me about two days. I had a projectile firing in about two hours, but tweaking the code and testing different ways of how the user can fire took the extra time. Furthermore it turns out I had forgotten quite a bit of my GCSE maths and therefore had to learn that all over… Read more »

Dissertation: Christmas Log 2

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I’m going to keep this one short and sweet as I have done quite a lot since my last update. Writing one post on everything that I’ve implemented and changed in my dissertation to date will be too long, I also want to do an individual post on some topics as I want to go… Read more »

Dissertation: Libgdx & Android Optimisation

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Over the holidays I have learnt quite a bit about optimising performance when using Libgdx on Android. I felt like it was a good subject to write a blog post about as it might be helpful to others who are starting out with Android development. Further to this it may well end up being a… Read more »

Dissertation: Christmas Log 1

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I realised I that I haven’t wrote  a blog entry in a while and the last one I wrote stated that I hadn’t done anything, which doesn’t look good on my behalf. But fear not, I have been working. Since my last update I have changed a lot of my code. I found that the approach I… Read more »

Dissertation: Simple Room Implementation

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Over the weekend (and Monday) I worked on the algorithm that will load a specific room based on a text file. I have already had experience in previous projects with this method to load in levels so implementing it into LibGDX wasn’t too difficult. The code is mostly the same as previous projects expect for how the engine… Read more »