Project 9-Volt: Game Development

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Project 9-Volt is the game development project that I’ve been working on for the last few weeks. If you didn’t already know, I love lighting in games. I wanted to put together some mechanics for a game that would use lighting as it’s core mechanic. The Project 9-Volt video in this post aims to show off some… Read more »

Dissertation: Projectile Implementation

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Projectile implementation took me about two days. I had a projectile firing in about two hours, but tweaking the code and testing different ways of how the user can fire took the extra time. Furthermore it turns out I had forgotten quite a bit of my GCSE maths and therefore had to learn that all over… Read more »

Dissertation: Learning Android

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One of the key components of my dissertation is that my game works on a mobile platform; I have chosen Android to be my weapon of choice mainly for two reason; Android uses Java, a language that I have had experience with already and should hopefully give me an upper hand. iOS uses a different… Read more »

Dragons at Dawn: Resources

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As I am not the artist I used to be, I will be using the same free resources I used for the original Dragons at Dawn. The ORYX sprite pack covers pretty much everything I need and from what isn’t there I am sure I could attempt to make something myself. As for music I… Read more »