Visualising Your Phones Location Data

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I’ve always been one for displaying data in various different ways, today I’ve been messing around with the location data Google stores from my mobile phone. The ability to display this data came from /u/snowstorm99 (original thread), snowstorm99 put together a handy guide on to how to make this yourself, however after running through this myself I… Read more »

iGoogle Discontinued – I might recreate it!

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A while ago Google announced that iGoogle will be discontinued, unlike previous Google products that have been discontinued (anyone remember Wave?) I actually use this product. iGoogle simply allows you to collate all your RSS feeds into one simple webpage, most use it as a homepage so that when they loaded their browser for the… Read more »

Personal Data Is The New Black

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You may or may not be aware, but your personal data is one of the biggest commodities on the internet. Data about your personal life, data about what you do online and data about what sites you’ve visited. Think of it like a reward card scheme at your local supermarket, they collect data about what… Read more »

2012, The year of Google Plus?

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I mentioned in my previous post that in 2011 we saw the birth of Google+, a new social network to rival Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and all the other social networks lurking out there on the internet. So what is different about Google+? This is a question I get asked a lot, if you look at… Read more »

Top Searches Of 2011

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In another portrayal of Facebook’s grip on the internet and those who surf its many waves, it has come out as the most searched term according to Experian Hitwise. The social network giant has once again been on the forefront of people’s minds when they visit their local search engine. It baffles me to understand… Read more »