Dissertation: Collision Detection

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Another area of the game I managed to work on over xmas was collision detection. At first I tried to get Box2D to work with my game, while I liked what all the test examples achieved; I was not able to get the same quality from my own implementations. Further to this I felt that… Read more »

Dissertation: Christmas Log 2

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I’m going to keep this one short and sweet as I have done quite a lot since my last update. Writing one post on everything that I’ve implemented and changed in my dissertation to date will be too long, I also want to do an individual post on some topics as I want to go… Read more »

Dissertation: Christmas Log 1

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I realised I that I haven’t wrote  a blog entry in a while and the last one I wrote stated that I hadn’t done anything, which doesn’t look good on my behalf. But fear not, I have been working. Since my last update I have changed a lot of my code. I found that the approach I… Read more »

Dragons at Dawn: Leaps and Bounds

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Yesterday I made a huge amount of progress on Dragons at Dawn, so much in fact that if I did my normal style update about everything I’ve changed, it would go on for a while. To keep things short and sweet I’ll just bullet point them with a short description afterwards. Improvements to the parallaxing… Read more »