Android Launchers

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Recently I’ve been playing around with different Android launchers on my phone. I really like the Google Now launcher and I had been using it for a little over a year, but until I tried using apps like Nova Launcher I didn’t realise on all the amazing customisation I was missing out on. Launcher Features Colour… Read more »

Visualising Your Phones Location Data

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I’ve always been one for displaying data in various different ways, today I’ve been messing around with the location data Google stores from my mobile phone. The ability to display this data came from /u/snowstorm99 (original thread), snowstorm99 put together a handy guide on to how to make this yourself, however after running through this myself I… Read more »

Pushbullet: Android Application

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Pushbullet: Never Email Yourself Again Today I discovered Pushbullet and thought I would share as it’s going to change the way I communicate between my phone and PC from now on. Every time I’ve wanted to send something from my phone to my PC (or vice versa), I’ve had to either upload the file to… Read more »

Dissertation: Libgdx & Android Optimisation

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Over the holidays I have learnt quite a bit about optimising performance when using Libgdx on Android. I felt like it was a good subject to write a blog post about as it might be helpful to others who are starting out with Android development. Further to this it may well end up being a… Read more »

Dissertation: Android Information Collection

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Since I am not far away from starting to code for my dissertation, I felt that I would be a good idea if I tried to collect some information as to what Android versions are commonly used these days and which devices out of mobiles and tablets are most popular for gaming. The reasoning behind this is… Read more »

Dissertation: Learning Android Part 3

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In my last post I stated that I would finish the tutorial series that I am following on by the weekend, that didn’t exactly happen. One thing leads to another and I’ll be honest, I procrastinated a fair bit. This is one thing that I am really going to need to keep in check as… Read more »

Dissertation: Learning Android Part 2

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I spent another good four to five hours last night on furthering my understanding of Android; so far I’ve managed to create an application that has the following features; Add or take away from an int variable using buttons and then output this to the display. Ask the user to fill in some forms, and… Read more »

Dissertation: Learning Android

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One of the key components of my dissertation is that my game works on a mobile platform; I have chosen Android to be my weapon of choice mainly for two reason; Android uses Java, a language that I have had experience with already and should hopefully give me an upper hand. iOS uses a different… Read more »

Dissertation Project Approved

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Yesterday afternoon I had a meeting with a prospective supervisor about my dissertation idea. On the whole he like the whole designing a roguelike game but felt it was ‘lacking’ in uniqueness, designing a game is quite simple in regards to the grander scale of things, for example there may be lots of work but once… Read more »