Project Porygon was designed and built by myself for the Full Restore fundraising events I took part in. Full Restore was an annual four day event that raised money for the Red Cross international disaster fund. The event consisted of myself and friends playing Pokémon for 4 days, the entire event was broadcasted on the internet via Twitch TV. Viewers would donate money for us to do various things within the game, such as nicknaming a Pokémon after them or using a particular Pokémon in the squad. Other donations consisted of us doing various different real life tasks while playing; singing ‘Be A Man’ while undertaking a Gym Battle was a personal favourite.

Project Porygon was designed to handle information related to the donations that we received. This would mean handling information about donations and donators but also about each different Pokémon that had backings. This information could then be pulled from the database and displayed in unique and interesting ways. One such example was to have the top 10 donators during the event, this proved to be a good statistic to display on the homepage as we had people donating more money just to get their names in the top 10. Below is a screencap taken from the Full Restore website during the event, it should give a better idea of the information stored and how it is displayed.

Full Restore fontpage


Project Porygon also contains some unique error handling should any data entered incorrectly by its users. This would involve displaying a unique error message to the user while also alerting myself via a Twitter update. I found this quite useful to have as while it was my turn to sleep during the event I would be automatically alerted before the current awake members of the team would know there was an issue. The tweet would contain enough information for me to find the issue in the system without displaying secure database information to the internet.