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Pushbullet: Never Email Yourself Again


Today I discovered Pushbullet and thought I would share as it’s going to change the way I communicate between my phone and PC from now on.

Every time I’ve wanted to send something from my phone to my PC (or vice versa), I’ve had to either upload the file to Dropbox/Google Drive or email myself with the information. No longer do I have to do this fiddly way of sharing information with myself! Pushbullet makes getting information off and on your phone an easy task, a simple task; like how it should be. Using push notifications via your Google account you can easily share; links, quotes, pictures, notes and more between your PC and any Android device.

Without this sounding more and more like a sales pitch, I strongly suggest you at least check it out and see for yourself, With a nice looking API and Tasker support, this application is pretty powerful.

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