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Dragons at Dawn was originally a game I developed for a University module using web technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript. While I was proud of the game I made I felt that I could do so much more with it, this is why I have decided to remake the game in the Java programming language and then expand upon it. I already have lots of cool and unique ideas for the game and hopefully I can turn these ideas into something worth playing. If you have no idea what Dragons at Dawn is, and to be honest its likely that you don’t, you can play the original version of the game here and attempt to top the online leaderboard; of the ideas I’ve come up with are as follows;

  • Boss fights
  • Epic power ups
  • Levelling/Upgrade System
  • Multiple Levels
  • Player Customisation

I’m open for other ideas to be put forwards and if I think they are achievable and fit into the games lore then I’ll be happy to attempt to include them.  As for a time scale as to when I want to complete Dragons at Dawn, I hope to have a playable version of the game up and running before September 2012 (two months from now) as I start my third year of University around that time and I know I’m going to be swamped with work. I’ll still try and keep plugging away at the game but obviously University work takes precedence.

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