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Yesterday I managed to implement an entirely new section to the game, previously when you completed a level the game would just load the next level and you would be off on another adventure again, now the game loads an end level screen that displays some stats to the player.

Currently the game displays the following stats; Score, Total Kills, Level Kills, Attack, Defence and Speed, I’m also going to include other stats such as maximum health and total rage. I’m having a bit of an issue with displaying the speed stat as I am using a Vector2f rather than an integer, so it displays as “Vector2f(5.0F, 5.0F) rather than just “5”. I think I know how to solve it but making the screen look nice isn’t a concern right now, I need it to be functioning how I want it to first.

The next section I want to add to this screen is a levelling up part. I’m thinking of adding EXP to the game, which you will receive for killing enemies, completing levels and maybe some things that I am working on. Once the level is completed you’ll gain levels which will reward you would ability points, these points can then be spent on upgrading your character.

I haven’t got a screenshot of this screen to show you today as it really isn’t much at the moment, I’m going to continue to work on the screen over the next few days and get it working how I want it to and then I’ll release some images.

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