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Yesterday I made a huge amount of progress on Dragons at Dawn, so much in fact that if I did my normal style update about everything I’ve changed, it would go on for a while. To keep things short and sweet I’ll just bullet point them with a short description afterwards.

  • Improvements to the parallaxing backgrounds code, images now are moving a lot smoother. At some point in the later development I may write a proper class for this and submit it to MarteEngine and see what they think. Games always look cool with parallaxing backgrounds!
  • Successfully implemented code that changes level when all the current enemies are destroyed. This now means that I can implement multiple levels whenever I want. After implementing this code I found that a lot of entities where still being rendered from previous levels, so once the game had loaded the fourth level, there was a quite a considerably large amount of entities that where apparently still there. I found that the reason for this was that I was not calling the Clear() method, however this lead on to another issue which I will talk about next.
  • Implemented a Stats class, this class keeps a track of the players stats, everything from the X and Y Co-ordinates to the amount of health the player has. When the Clear() method was being called it was removing the player from the screen along with all the players information, this means that I had to render a new one, but I want to keep all the previous information about the player. The stats class allows me to pull this data at any time I want. Later in the day I made improvements to the stats class making it for efficient in the way it collects data.
  • Implemented a basic HUD; at the moment it just displays the players health in a horrible magenta colour, I’ll need to design a better look for it and make a decision on whether I want it on the screen at all times.
  • Implemented ProjectileFactory, Projectile, ProjectileAI and Fireball classes.
  • Implemented the ability for the player to fire fireballs, player uses left mouse click to fire.
  • Fireball collision now working as intended, fireball is removed on collision and damage is done to the enemy

That’s it for now, as you can tell that was a rather large update I managed to achieve yesterday. Hopefully I will make as much progress today and be on target to have a playable version by Thursday. I am away again on Friday as I am off to France for a holiday, having a playable version would be a really good milestone to leave on.

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