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I didn’t really get much achieved yesterday as I kept getting distracted by various things such as Breaking Bad and the Steam Summer Sale; I’ve played A LOT of The Binding of Isaac. I did manage to implement some big changes to the game code though, for example when the player dies it now resets everything and takes the player back to the main menu screen, at a later date when I’ve made one, there will be a game over screen. Hopefully I will be able to incorporate some kind of online leaderboard for people to rank their scores on, maybe post their score to Twitter.

I’ve made improvements to the FireballAI so that it now causes damage based on the players attack, previously I was just doing a set number of damage for testing, the next step for this is to make a damage calculation method that takes in the entities defence and deducts that from the players attack. Although what will happen when the defence is of a higher value then the attack I do not know, perhaps I will default it to doing one damage.

I’ve also successfully implemented another factory class, this one is for items. Currently the only item in the game is a health pack which restores a set value of health, I’ve made sure that if the player picks this up they cannot get over healed at all, currently there is a 10% chance that a Dragon will drop one of these health packs but only when destroyed by a fireball, if the player collides into the dragon then it doesn’t drop anything.

As I said, I really didn’t achieve much yesterday but I am getting closes to the stage where the core of the game has been built and then all that is left is level and item editing. Then I have the fun task of balancing the game, that’s always fun! This is my last day of development before heading off to France so I want to get as much done today as possible.

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