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I’ll be honest; I haven’t done much work on Dragons at Dawn over the last week. This isn’t due to me getting bored with the project but a little obsessed with some other games, which is rare for me as I find myself playing new games less and less these days. The games I got a little obsessed with were Minecraft and Team Fortress 2, both received large updates recently and I found myself playing them rather than developing Dragons at Dawn, however the initial urge to play these games has died down and I found myself working on Dragons at Dawn again today.

Since I hadn’t worked on the game for a few days, I found myself going through the code at first to remind myself of how the game works, after doing this I managed to optimise the code a little bit as well as performing a general tidy up. For some odd reason I had code doing the exact same thing twice but in two different places, I’m not sure how I ever managed to end up coding that but I’ll have to keep an eye out to make sure I don’t do it again.

I then moved on to progressing with the projected and added in some new upgradable stats, these were “Fire Rate”, “Fire Limit” and “Fire Speed”. I feel that giving the player the option to update these stats gives the player more choice over how they want to play the game, hopefully giving more reply value.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to make even more progress and give more of an update of the game, I really am not very far away from an Alpha release, which is a bit nerve-racking as I’m not sure what people will think of the game, yes the browser version of the game was liked but this is very much different so far, I’m not sure how people will feel about it being a desktop game for one, I guess we’ll see…

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