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In my last post I stated that I would finish the tutorial series that I am following on by the weekend, that didn’t exactly happen. One thing leads to another and I’ll be honest, I procrastinated a fair bit. This is one thing that I am really going to need to keep in check as I’ll fail to meet my deadline of having most of the game built by the end of December.

I’m about halfway through the tutorial series right now and I can say that I’ve learnt a great deal about how Android works, the task is becoming less scary and I can start picturing how I’ll go about coding parts of my game now, whereas before I just sat there and cried, okay that’s maybe a little overdramatic but you know what I mean.

Since my last post the tutorial series as taught me quite a lot, mainly in the following four areas;

  • Graphics
  • Sounds
  • Tabs
  • Touch

While graphics are pretty simple to implement in Android, I’m still going to go down the route of utilising a framework to help with some of the workload. If  I don’t I’ll have to code a framework myself and that increases my workload, meaning the completion dates of everything else get pushed back, which can’t happen as I am already on a tight deadline.

I’m gonna skip the next two bullet points for now and go straight onto the last one; touch. Touch is a key concept for my game as it is most likely going to be the way the user either fires their weapon or controls their character, or maybe both; it all depends on user feedback. So far I’ve managed to utilise both single clicks, multi clicks and long clicks on the screen, all these are most likely going to be used in the game so it’s good to get this knowledge under my belt.

On a final note, I’m going to produce a small webpage over the next few days that will allow me to gather information on what devices people are currently using so I can get an idea of what level of Android I need to support, furthermore if any of the lovely people that fill in this form wish to be beta testers then this will help me get a better perspective of how the game is perceived whenever I release an update.

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