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I spent another good four to five hours last night on furthering my understanding of Android; so far I’ve managed to create an application that has the following features;

  1. Add or take away from an int variable using buttons and then output this to the display.
  2. Ask the user to fill in some forms, and then input these into an email and send it to a specified email address.
  3. Take a photo using the devices camera, display the thumbnail of the recently taken picture and then have the user press a button to save it as their wallpaper.

So in all its all pretty basic stuff, however I’ve been able to learn a great deal from how Android works and how you go about doing things with the language. Intents are really important for starting up new tasks, yesterday I was scratching my head for half an hour trying to work out why something wasn’t working only to realise I hadn’t started an intent for it. One thing I really like about programming in Android is the ability to send what I’ve made over to my phone in a matter of seconds, test it and then work on it some more.

The plan now is to finish up the tutorial series I am following by the weekend and then get cracking on doing some game development on Android. It’ll probably be simple stuff like what I am doing now to start off with and the plan is for it to get progressively more and more complicated.

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