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I’ve not been able to write any more updates as to what I managed to achieve over the Xmas break due to my exam schedule. I have my first exam tomorrow and my last one on the 23rd January. This means that I have been spending a lot of my time revising and I have done little work on my dissertation game. While I only have three exams in total (“E-commerce: Implementation, Management And Security”, “Agile Methodologies” and “Space Robotics”), I find that revising is taking up a lot of my spare time. Revision is going well , but I do find it annoying that it’s getting in the way of my dissertation, I’ve tried to work on it a few times but every time that I do I feel like I should be spending that time revising and this stops me from concentrating.

I did manage to get a little bit done a few days ago when I demo’d what I have done to a friend and noticed that there was a bug in the level generation code. Basically the game wasn’t remembering the layout of previously visited rooms; this means that when you entered a room that you have already been in, it would randomly load another layout. I managed to fix that by applying tag to each loaded room and added them into an array. When the player exits a room it now checks that array to see if the player has been in that room before (based on the co-ordinates of the room), if the player has then it loads in the previous room saved in the array. The array also keeps track of whether the player “cleared” the room or not, if the player has left the room without clearing it, all the enemies are loaded back in again. If the player has cleared the room then it does not load them at all.

Speaking of demo’s I found out that I will be performing a mid-project demonstration during the second week of February. This gives me around two weeks after my last exam of solid work on my dissertation, bar the lectures that I have to attend. Hopefully I can polish up the game a little bit and get some original artwork in. I’ve put a lot of effort into this project so far and I really hope that it gets appreciated by the people I am demonstrating it to, I understand that a game isn’t as impressive as an algorithm that solves Hilbert’s 16th problem but I am not the world’s best coder. I took a coding project to help me improve on that and I hope it is this that they keep in mind when deciding if they like what I’ve done so far.



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