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Considering the scale of my dissertation and the relatively short period of time that I have to complete it, I feel that using an engine to help with some of the core mechanics of the game to be a wise decision. In an ideal world where I have infinite amount of time, I’d like to create my own framework to run the game on, this would mean that it would be tailored to my exact needs with me having a full understanding of how it works.

Alas, this is not an ideal world and time is really something that I lack to create my own framework, the other decision would be to not use an engine and perform all the tasks directly on the Android canvas, while this is a viable option, I can foresee many issues down the road that will affect the performance of the game. This is not something I want to happen as it would mean refactoring all my code at such a late stage of development.

There are a lot of engines out there for Android right now and after doing a small amount of research I have been able to single out a few for further investigation;

My aim to is investigate each of these engines, way up and the pros and cons and then write a small post about each of them, hopefully I’ll be able to choose one to move forwards with. If by any chance there are any Android game developers reading this, then I would love to hear from on what you think about engines and whether or not you have any preferences for them.

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