Eleven Things

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After nearly a year away, I’m back blogging! Let’s just hope this doesn’t turn into an annual thing! So I got tagged by Hannah in her Eleven Things post and I figured this would be my chance back into blogging, so here goes! 1) Are you a PC or an Apple Mac person? PC Master… Read more »

WordPress Sitemaps

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WordPress Sitemaps I recently received an email from Google Webmaster Tools stating that it couldn’t access some of the content I had submitted in my sitemaps. When I loaded up the sitemap that was causing the issue, I found a 404 page greeting me. I recently moved my blog from a subdirectory up to the main directory… Read more »

Geeklist: A Social Network For Developers

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I discovered Geeklist today and it’s amazing. Imagine a combination of StackOverflow, GitHub and Facebook all mashed together to make one geeky awesome site. Signing up to Geeklist allows you to view all sorts of communities based around various geeky developer things, for me I’m mainly looking at this as a resources site and possibly an… Read more »

Aberystwyth University: A Reflection

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After three years of studying computer science at Aberystwyth University, my time in the tiny remote town has come to an end. I felt that instead of creating the usual social update on Facebook or Twitter stating how much I would miss the town, I would instead transform my thoughts into a video. Hopefully you… Read more »

2013: A Year Of Printing Glass Foxes Using A 3D Printer

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Predicting the future is tricky business, last year I said that we would see the rise of Windows 8, the death of boxed software and the evolution of the television. While we did see the release of Windows 8 it wasn’t to the critical acclaim that Microsoft was hoping for. Its radical new design has come under… Read more »

Happy Holidays

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Today is a special day for some people, for others it’s just a normal day like yesterday. In any case I’m going to share the following song and you can all rejoice to it’s awesomeness (yes that is a real word).

Dissertation: No Progress This Week

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Unfortunately I have not been able to make any progress on my dissertation project this week. The lack of progress has been down to the fact that I needed to return home at the start of the week to attend a funeral, I was not able to take my laptop home with me during this time as… Read more »

2012 – A year of life, death and evolution.

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Predicting the future is tricky business. Who would have thought that 2011 would have seen the popularisation of the tablet computer or the demand to have books displayed on a screen rather then on paper? We also saw the rise in mainstream hacking and and the birth of a new social network, Google+. So what… Read more »