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One of the biggest downsides to living in Cardiff is the sporadic and ever changing weather. Quite often I’ll walk to work in blisteringly strong winds, get soaked by the rain on my lunch break and then walk home in perfect sunshine at the end of the day. The current weather predictions from the BBC/Met Office will just say “There might be some rain”, which I am sure you can imagine, isn’t very helpful. I decided to make my own weather site to predict weather at a higher accuracy for my location and allow me to stay dry and warm whenever possible. I present to you; Cardiff Weather.


Cardiff Weather Homepage


Cardiff Weather is the child of this dream, it incorporates the data from multiple weather stations and aggregates them all to allow the most accurate weather prediction possible. I have used the longitude and latitude of my flat as the centre of all these weather stations, meaning the ones that are further away have a lower rating against those that are closer. Using multiple stations allows for me to find out which direction storms and severe weather is heading, meaning I can avoid them as best as possible.There are four sections to the website; Current, Daily, Hourly, Minutely data.

Minutely Data

This page contains four simple sections;

  • The current weather this minute.
  • Precipitation Chance; How likely it is precipitation will occur over the next hour.
  • Precipitation Intensity; How much precipitation will happen?
  • Precipitation Error Chance
Precipitation Probability


Hourly Data

This page contains the following data in an hourly breakdown over a 12 hour period.

  • Summary
  • Precipitation Chance
  • Precipitation Intensity
  • Temperature / Apparent Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind Speed
  • Cloud Cover
  • Air Pressure
  • O-Zone Level
  • Visibility
  • Dew Point


Daily Data

This page contains the same data as the hourly page except it’s displayed over a weekly period in a daily breakdown.

Cardiff Weather


Cardiff Weather Twitter

As well as the website, there is also a Twitter feed that I setup. Unfortunately the handle CardiffWeather has already been taken, so I had to make do with CardiffForecast . The Twitter account tweets at least three times a day, giving morning, afternoon and evening weather updates. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays you also get an additional weekly forecast update. The account also tweets when there is predicted rain, sleet or snow fall and how long it is going to last, this is really helpful for me when I want to avoid the rain during my lunch breaks. I use the official Twitter app on my mobile which means I can receive push notifications telling me about these predictions as soon as they happen.


Cardiff Weather Twitter


My next goal for this project is to have the Twitter account tweet images which contain the weather updates,I feel that this will help allow users of the site to understand the weather updates much easier. I had a go at it here, but I think the images need to be worked on. I’d like them to fit in the with the Metro style that the website currently has.


So what do you think of Cardiff Weather? Would you use it? Is there anything you would change?


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