Dissertation vs Exams

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I’ve not been able to write any more updates as to what I managed to achieve over the Xmas break due to my exam schedule. I have my first exam tomorrow and my last one on the 23rd January. This means that I have been spending a lot of my time revising and I have done… Read more »

Dissertation: Collision Detection

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Another area of the game I managed to work on over xmas was collision detection. At first I tried to get Box2D to work with my game, while I liked what all the test examples achieved; I was not able to get the same quality from my own implementations. Further to this I felt that… Read more »

Dissertation: Projectile Implementation

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Projectile implementation took me about two days. I had a projectile firing in about two hours, but tweaking the code and testing different ways of how the user can fire took the extra time. Furthermore it turns out I had forgotten quite a bit of my GCSE maths and therefore had to learn that all over… Read more »

Dissertation: Christmas Log 2

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I’m going to keep this one short and sweet as I have done quite a lot since my last update. Writing one post on everything that I’ve implemented and changed in my dissertation to date will be too long, I also want to do an individual post on some topics as I want to go… Read more »

2013: A Year Of Printing Glass Foxes Using A 3D Printer

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Predicting the future is tricky business, last year I said that we would see the rise of Windows 8, the death of boxed software and the evolution of the television. While we did see the release of Windows 8 it wasn’t to the critical acclaim that Microsoft was hoping for. Its radical new design has come under… Read more »